INTRO, Is based on three principles: Crafts, Science and Art, containing spiritual symbols. Made in a traditional way, with traditional techniques of the ceramic craft and leatherwork. "To work with porcelain is to do a conscious self-observation exercise, to find moments for reflection, to play and to learn in solitude" I wanted to listen to the silence and discover its forms ... For this reason I have created this device. 

The result is a complex speaker, which basically combines two materials, porcelain and leather, as well as tiny silver sensors to connect with the innerself of the holder. The INTRO design includes two parts; The interior, a camera made of leather and has the shape of a drum. It is the side that contacts directly with the body of the wearer, resting in a warm and pleasant way. And the outside, which is the space that surrounds us. Interior and exterior, separated each by a porcelain membrane and at the same time connected by a conduit. The small silver sensors detect the internal sound of the person that wears INTRO And takes it inside the drum, creating a sound flow that moves and circulates through the conduit, from inside the chamber to the outside, the fluid causes the membrane to increase the volume of said sound. The bearer will be able to hear his own silence, with the aim of getting into a meditative state little by little. 

Photography and text, Trinidad Contreras

Intro (Brooch) Porcelain, silver, leather,
silver inlays, screw, steel
85 x 85 x 30 mm
Intro (Brooch) Back
Intro (Necklace) Porcelain, leather, silver inlays, screws
520 x 190 x 40 mm
Intro (Necklace) Back
Intro (Necklace) Detail