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The Palace of Shattered Vessels:  Chinese Porcelain and Contemporary Jewelry

The extraordinary project of the Palace of Shattered Vessels brings together East and West, classic art and contemporary jewelry. Forty leading international artists were given each a shard (or shards) of ancient Chinese porcelain vessels, with which to create their own unique jewel. The result is breath-taking: A hundred and forty artworks that express the style and thought of individual artists even as they all relate to the great tradition of Chinese ceramic ware.


The ceramic pieces chosen for this project originated in the renowned kilns of Jingdezhen, the most celebrated center of Chinese porcelain production. They date from the golden age of Chinese ceramic ware – the sixteenth through eighteenth centuries – and they come in all colors and styles from the Underglaze Red and Famille Rose to the most renowned Blue and White porcelain. The best and most innovative contemporary jewelers were selected for this project. They were chosen so as to reflect the great diversity and dynamism of global jewelry: from Europe to America, from Japan to Israel. All in all, no fewer than four continents and thirteen countries are represented in the project.


The project was organized by FROOTS & NOGART, which operates galleries in Shanghai and Beijing as well as a ceramic studio in Jingdezhen. The antique porcelain pieces were donated by one of the brand’s founders, Ms. Angela Lu.


This remarkable exhibition showcases the mingling of diverse artistic traditions and styles; It expresses emotions spurred by the encounter with the past, and it reveals the fruits of intercultural dialogue.


Following the Munich “Frame 2019” at Handwerk & Design Fair, the Palace of Shattered Vessels will head on a global tour, beginning at the FROOTS Gallery in Shanghai from April 3th, 2019-July 7th, 2019. It is expected to stir wide-ranging interest among Chinese and Western audiences, artists, and art critics.

Artists:Ela Bauer (NL), Doris Betz (DE), Kim Buck (DK), Sigurd Bronger (NO), Bifei Cao (CN & US), Frank Chai (CN), Attai Chen (IL & DE), Trinidad Contreras (ES), Nirit Dekel (IL), Georg Dobler (DE), Karl Fritsch (DE & NZ), Dana Hakim (IL), Noga Harel (IL), Peter Hoogeboom (NL), Jun Hu (CN), Mari Ishikawa (JP & DE), Koen Jacobs (NL), Margit Jaeschke(DE), Vered Kaminski (IL), Amitai Kav (IL), Junghoo Kim (KR), Esther Knobel (IL), Hadas Levin (IL), Bruce Metcalf (US), Xianou Ni (CN), Xiaoli Ning (CN), Mengnan Qu (CN & CA), Yi Shen (CN&SE), Deganit Stern Schocken (IL), Coco Sung (KR & DE), Takayoshi Terajima (JP), Terhi Tolvanen (FI & FR), Myung Urso (KP & US), Felieke van der Leest (NO & NL), Edda Vardimon Gudnason (IL & DK), Tanel Veenre (EE), Yasmin Vinograd (IL), Andrea Wagner (NL), Lisa Walker (NZ), Taidi Wang (CN)