Wearable apparatus

I understand jewelry as a sculpture and I feel inspired by geometric shapes with volume. I express myself through the diversity of materials, forms, gestures and I try to invent my own symbolism, creating a small device that we can wear. I live the freedom of creating without limits. I find it fascinating,"it's like wearing a painting or sculpture and transmitting a message". 

The use of porcelain adds meaning to the work through the dialogue between myself and the material during the process. Reflections on how we relate each other, the art of speaking and listening, the power to transmit and the non-verbal language, "to be present", are universal concepts included in the series of brooches that I present, unique pieces with the same line, funnels, entrances and outputs, emitters and receivers. 

Nowadays, the way we conceive jewels, is the same as that of our ancestors. However, it has evolved towards where boundaries are blurred, giving rise to something groundbreaking. 

Our aim is to transform and be transformed during the process.

Photography, Jorge Marín Buck
Emitter/Receiver I (Brooch) Limoges porcelain, gold plated silver, steel
75 x 75 x 40 mm
Emitter/Receiver II (Brooch) Limoges porcelain, silver, epoxy, steel
65 x 65 x 30 mm, 40 gr
Emitter/Receiver III (Brooch) Limoges Porcelain, formica, epoxy, steel
85x60x25 mm, 54 gr
Emitter/Receiver IV (Brooch) Limoges porcelain, silver, steel
90 x 60 x 35 mm
Emitter/Receiver V (Brooch) Bone China, brass, methacrylate, screws, steel
85x60x30 mm, 81 gr
Emitter/Receiver VI (Brooch) Bone China, brass, methacrylate, screws, steel
85x60x30 mm, 80 gr